Al Qaeda Targeting Europe’s High-Speed Rail: What You Need to Know

This summer, travel has been stressful as Egypt has dealt with ongoing and escalating violence and Al Qaeda has been ramping up its presence and threats. Most recently, it was announced that Al Qaeda was planning to attack Europe’s high-speed rail network. While news media isn’t certain about the details of the attack, many experts have stated that it is likely center on placing explosives in tunnels and the trains. While some European countries are meeting this threat with additional security measures, including plain-clothed police, others are already operating at high alert and, therefore, are simply maintaining their prior measures.


It’s difficult for travelers to decide how to react to this news when they’ve already invested in securing their travel arrangements. With international travel insurance you can protect yourself whether you decide to go abroad despite new warnings or you decide to cancel your trip once the terror alert climbs too high or the threat hits too close to home.


What Travel Insurance Protects


If a documented terrorist threat compels you to cancel a trip abroad, a travel insurance policy may reimburse you (up to limits and policy specifications) for losses caused by the cancellation. Even better, travel insurance policies aren’t limited to cancellation due to terror attacks or threats. You may find that your travel insurance policy reimburses you when you cancel a trip due to State Department warnings for various situations, dangerous weather events, illness or even after an involuntary job loss or jury duty.


Let’s dig a little deeper. While some trips may be canceled before they begin, others may simply be cut short. News about Al Qaeda’s targeting of the European rail network just broke this week. Travelers who are already in Europe and who may have planned a substantial part of their trip around high-speed rail may now want to return home early. If they have travel insurance, they might be able to do so with fewer financial ramifications. Likewise, if they were traveling to an area that is suddenly under threat of a hurricane, volcanic activity or other weather event, or they’re a key employee who is needed back in the office, the travel insurance policy could help them return home early with little financial loss.


Details of a Travel Insurance Policy


Travel insurance policies are designed to protect up to a certain amount of expenses incurred due to the cancellation or interruption of a trip abroad. As an example, a policy could be designed to cover as much as $50,000 in costs while providing supplementary coverage at lower limits for travel delays, lost or damaged baggage, and even a medical and dental expenses.


Each policy has its own specific set of covered circumstances. These will spell out what must occur in order for your cancellation or interruption to be covered. It’s important that you read your policy in full so that you understand which situations are and are not covered as that can affect certain decisions you must make along the way.


The Protection Doesn’t End There


Even when Al Qaeda isn’t threatening an attack, it’s important to secure travel insurance and other types of international travel protection such as health insurance. Since your health insurance policy back in the U.S. doesn’t offer benefits while you’re abroad, you must obtain separate insurance that’s designed to help you secure and afford treatment for accidents and illnesses while you travel out of the country.


You may even want to consider additional policies, especially during high-alert times and depending on the location you visit. An international life insurance policy is a good option for anyone travelling abroad. A warzone insurance policy can be a good fit for those specifically travelling into an area of known political unrest, terrorist attacks or a known warzone. Not only will this kind of policy provide health benefits and involuntary repatriation costs, but also life and disability benefits. These policies are often obtained by missionaries, those working on relief efforts, journalists and independent government contractors.


No matter where you’re travelling to and what risks you might face, there is an international insurance policy ready to have your back. Travel into the unknown with your eyes open and your finances protected by designing a policy with your needs and risks in mind.


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