FAQ: Patriot Travel Medical Insurance Plans


  • When will I receive my policy after I apply for a travel medical plan?

    If you apply online, your insurance policy, identification cards and contact numbers for emergency, will be emailed to you within several minutes after you submit your online application unless you opt to have these documents mailed to you. If you choose the mail option, then you can expect to receive these documents within 5-7 business days. For an additional charge, express mail is also available.

  • I am leaving shortly to travel overseas and would like all documents in my hands before I leave. What can be done to speed up the process?

    When you are applying online or by fax, you can choose to pay an additional fee for overnight delivery, which will get the medical policy to you quicker.

  • Which insurance plan should I purchase, Patriot International or Patriot America?

    If you are a US citizen, the Patriot International is the plan designed for you. If you are a non-US citizen, you would need to purchase the Patriot America plan.

  • Are either of the Patriot medical plans renewable?

    Both plans are renewable up to 24 months as long as you purchase at least 3 months of coverage at a time.

  • Can I purchase a Patriot Travel Medical Insurance Plan for my relative, employee or friend?

    Yes, only if you apply online.