GlobalSelect Basic

GlobalSelect Basic is an expatriate insurance plan designed for individuals and families. This affordable expat insurance offers fully portable coverage within your chosen geographical area of coverage area of cover, including the ability to choose any hospital, clinic or doctor that is located within your chosen region of coverage. The GlobalSelect BasicSM insurance plan includes the same benefits as in the HeadStartSM plan but also provides additional benefits to provide for more comprehensive health coverage.

Key Benefits of the Expatriate Insurance Plan:

  • Family doctor coverage
  • Prescription drug benefits
  • Emergency medical evacuation to nearest medical facility
  • Covers an accompanying relative's travel and lodging
  • Rehabilitation benefits
  • Homeopathic and osteopathic treatments
  • Emergency Dental Treatment (In Patient or Day Patient)

The GlobalSelect Basic Plan is Ideal for:
  • Expatriates residing abroad
  • Individuals employed in a country other than their home country