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New York International Group offers comprehensive and affordable insurance to international travelers, expatriates, corporations, government contractors, vacationers, missionaries worldwide and international students.
  • Made Easy - Travel Health Insurance
  • Go Study - International Student Insurance
  • Be Ready - Missionary Insurance

Our Products

  • International Health Insurance

    A long-term major medical and international health plan designed for US expatriates and foreign nationals. Insurance coverage is available regardless of citizenship or residence and the plan provides worldwide health insurance coverage with the doctor or hospital of your choice.

  • European Style Health Plans

    Long-term private health insurance coverage designed to for European travelers and expats residing outside their country of origin. This international plan provides the choice and flexibility to meet all of your health insurance needs.

  • Warzone Insurance

    Warzone coverage secures high-quality terrorism insurance for people who travel to and/or are employed in high-risk destinations. Our warzone insurance plan provides international medical and high limit accident insurance specifically designed for those who require war and terrorism coverage.

  • Travel Health Insurance

    Our comprehensive travelers insurance includes health insurance, emergency medical evacuation, and AD&D for business travelers, vacationers, exchange students or foreign students studying abroad, expatriates and missionaries worldwide.

  • Group Insurance for Health, Life, and Disability

    Our international health, life and disability plans are specially designed for corporations that have employees worldwide, international associations, student exchange programs. We are able to provide group plans that include benefits to meet your company’s specific needs.

  • International Life and Disability Insurance for Individuals

    We offer a wide range of international life insurance products, high limit accident, term life, and permanent insurance. These programs are ideal for international clients, expatriates, and travelers.

Contact NYIG today and let us find the perfect travel and health insurance plan for your unique needs.