Outreach International

Many missionaries travel all over the globe to carry out their philanthropic goals. Whether rebuilding underdeveloped countries, administering vaccines in Africa or working in the Philippines among street children and poor people, a missionary traveler will need some type of medical insurance for the length of their trip.

Key Benefits of Our Traveler Medical Insurance for Missionaries:

  • Two plan designs: One for U.S. Citizens and one for non-U.S. citizens
    - The Outreach International for U.S. citizens
    - The Outreach America is for non-U.S. citizens
    - Need to be traveling outside your home country for coverage to apply
  • Temporary medical insurance coverage
  • Ability to choose your deductible
  • Available to Individuals and Families and their Dependents
  • You can choose the doctor or hospital if you need to seek treatment
  • Maximum coverage is available up to $2 million
  • Renewable up to 24 months if 1 month or more is purchased
  • Coverage available for trip cancellation, interruption or baggage delay
  • Prescription discounts available
  • Ability to access your account 24 hours/day

The Outreach International Plan is Ideal for:
  • Religious organizations
  • Missionaries
  • Participants in overseas volunteer projects