International Group Insurance Plans

International companies with operations and offices in several countries can cover their expatriate and local national employees through a group insurance plan that covers their employees worldwide. For companies with global operations that have five or more employees, we are able to provide health, life and disability insurance plans all within one comprehensive global insurance plan. Our group plans are flexible and can be tailored to accommodate your company's individual needs.

Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance®

Temporary trips outside one's country of residence require special insurance in case of an accident or unforeseen illness. The Patriot program is perfectly suited for groups of people that travel overseas for business, education and pleasure. You can meet your group’s international insurance needs with a simple to use, easy to understand program that provides for hospitalization, emergency evacuation and much more. All of the benefits are supported by an experienced medical claims staff.


Defense Base Act Insurance Coverage

For U.S. based contractors and sub-contractors that are deployed overseas under contracts granted or financed by the U.S. government or any affiliated government agency, the Defense Base Act requires that such workers be covered by a special type of workers compensation insurance. We work with our clients to make sure that they are adequately covered DBA insurance and we advise them of any additional coverage they may need to insure against any unexpected risks when traveling overseas to high risk or warzone areas. We are dedicated to help you obtain the required coverage you need before taking an overseas assignment. 

International Commercial General Liability Insurance

For U.S. businesses organizations conducting in business in other countries, you need to make sure you are secure and protected against potential lawsuits. A foreign commercial general liability insurance policy will be able to supplement your existing domestic insurance coverage. We provide our clients with global protection for their overseas endeavors by creating a packaged policy that meets their international needs.