Disability Insurance for Corporate, Commercial, and Other Pilots

Includes Loss of License Insurance for Pilots

It's always been difficult for corporate and commercial pilots to get adequate disability and pilot loss of license insurance coverage. Historically, most disability insurance carriers rated pilots as uninsurable simply due to the many different risks that could impact their ability to renew and retain their medical certificate and continue to work; because while a seemingly minor injury wouldn't inhibit a traditionally-employed individual's ability to continue to work, for a pilot it could mean a violation of the FAA's strict medical qualifications and the inability to fly for a living.
Many traditional disability insurance carriers and agencies may have turned their back on pilots, but New York International Group hasn't. We have a disability insurance policy that includes loss of license insurance for pilots even if they are no longer able to fly due to a loss of their medical certificate.
But this coverage isn't just available to commercial pilots; it's also available to corporate pilots, helicopter pilots, agriculture aviators, stunt pilots, test and fire fighting pilots. This coverage can also be purchased for an individual pilot or a group with guaranteed issue.

Includes Loss of License Insurance for Pilots

Your financial plan isn't complete without a disability insurance policy. Disability insurance ensures that a pilot who's lost a medical certificate can continue to make mortgage payments and pay other bills such as utility and education expenses, all while continuing to feed and care for his or her family. DI provides the cash flow needed to meet financial obligations even when you are unable to work for a long period of time. Our pilot disability plan includes:

  • - Affordable rates for meaningful benefits
  • - Monthly payments until your medical certificate is reinstated
  • - Monthly benefits ranging from $500 to $25,000
  • - Benefit periods that can stretch from 12 to 60 months or longer
  • - Flexible elimination periods of 30, 60, 90, 180 or more days
  • - The true, “Own Occupation” definition of total disability

Optional Riders

You can choose to add a residual disability rider to your policy. In addition, you can consider a cost of living adjustment rider.

Special Features

  • - Recurrent disability: For disabilities that can go into remission temporarily and come back. Generally, the elimination period is waived after the first occurrence.
  • - Presumptive disability: The occurrence of certain disabilities such as amputations, loss of vision or hearing, and immobility may waive the elimination period of your policy.
  • - Survivorship: In certain circumstances, your spouse may continue to receive a portion of your disability benefits if you die as a result of the disability (see policy for details).
  • - Waiver of premium: May allow your disability insurance premiums to cease for a limited time.