International Student Insurance

We provide international students with affordable health insurance plans that address their medical needs while overseas. For both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens traveling and studying abroad, New York International Group has several insurance options which will cover hospitalization, doctor office visits, prescription drugs, and emergency medical evacuation. Whether you are individually enrolled in a study abroad program or participating in a group cultural exchange program, there are several international student health insurance plan options available which will provide you with the proper protection you need while overseas.


Patriot Exchange Programsm is specifically designed for students studying abroad or participants of cultural exchange programs. There are two types of plan options available. The Basic short-term travel plan and the Standard short-term travel plan. While the Basic short-term travel plans is more economical and will cover your basic medical needs while overseas, the Standard short-term travel plan provides comprehensive benefits and is structured to meet the U.S. visa travel insurance requirements. Both plans can be renewed for up to 48 months if a minimum of 1 month or more is initially purchased and there is no break in coverage.


Student Health Advantage sm is a long-term international student health insurance plan that meets student visa requirements, insures individuals and dependents, providing medical as well as mental health benefits, maternity benefits (as long as conception occurs after effective date), and covers organized sports, international emergency care, and pre-existing conditions after 12 months. If the plan is purchased for a minimum of 1 month or more, coverage may be extended up to 12 months from the initial effective date; provided that there is no break in coverage, the plan may be renewed for up to 5 years.



Patriot Group Exchange Program sm is health insurance for groups of two or more students when traveling abroad. With the choice of 3 different plan options, international student health insurance offers coverage to groups of students and/or their spouses and unmarried dependent children traveling with them. Two-short and one long-term plan are available depending upon your group’s specific needs. Plans are available in monthly increments and if a minimum of 1 month or more is purchased coverage may be renewed (as long as there is no break in coverage) for a total of 48 months. Group plans are designed to meet all U.S. travel visa requirements, provide freedom to seek treatment with hospital or doctor of your choice, includes optional add-on coverage for high schools sports, personal liability and legal assistance, and optional chaperone/faculty leader replacement riders.


Student Health Advantage sm Group Plan is a comprehensive long-term health insurance plan for groups of 2 or more individuals, meeting student visa requirement, and includes benefits such as maternity without any waiting period as long as conception occurred after the effective date, emergency medical evacuation, and organized intercollegiate and interscholastic sports. See plan brochure for policy benefits and exclusions. The insurance plan is ideal for student groups participating in international programs, cultural exchange participants, graduate students studying abroad, and scholars and educators.