Warzone Insurance

International Medical, Disability, and Travel Accident Insurance with War Zone & Terrorism Coverage

In today's political and economic climate, acts of war and terrorism remain a constant threat. People are finding that their jobs require them to travel abroad to places of political unrest. Many employees and professionals find it difficult to obtain adequate international health insurance coverage to take care of their families should an accident or other life threatening event occur in one of these high risk areas. New York International Group specializes in securing high quality terrorism insurance coverage for people who travel to high risk destinations. With over a decade of experience in international insurance, New York International Group provides international medical, disability and travel accident insurance with war and terrorism insurance coverage to journalists, independent contractors working for the U.S. government and the United Nations as well as relief organizations, missionary groups, the oil industry, technology sectors and various other corporations. We tailor warzone insurance plans that cover life, health, disability and accident while traveling or residing overseas. While most policies typically exclude war, undeclared war, terrorist acts, and political unrest, New York International Group's policies cover "acts of war," "undeclared war," "terrorism," and "political unrest.

Our plans feature:

  • Coverage for War and Terrorism
  • Accidental death and dismemberment or disability
  • Lump Sum or Annual Payment Options


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