Insurance Tips for Renting a Villa Abroad

Not every traveler’s needs are suited by hotel or resort stays while on vacation abroad. For some, only the rental of a property, such as a villa, will do. Often, this is most suitable for travelers who are staying for a number of weeks and those with a large travel party or family.


Villa rental can be less expensive for travelers, in some cases, since they will have access to a kitchen and can spend less on food. It also may be more economical per day when you consider the number of people staying there. Many villa owners offer long-term discounts to travelers who want to stay for several weeks or months which also helps to add to the overall savings.


Additionally, renting a villa could create an entirely different vacation experience than a hotel or resort. In a villa, you can take on the new country as a temporary resident. You can allow the villa, grounds and neighborhood to become as much of a part of the experience as the famous sites you explore.


Insurance and Your Villa 


When it comes to insurance and the villa, generally your landlord will have coverage for the building itself. This will usually include liability coverage should a visitor be injured on the premises. However, this liability coverage might only cover injuries that result from the owner’s negligence. That means that if you accidentally leave a candle lit and start a fire that causes injuries, you suffer a trip and fall not caused by ill-repaired stepping stones or tiles, or you are bitten by a regional snake, the villa owner’s insurance policy will likely not cover the treatment for the injuries.


Travel health insurance for your international trip is, therefore, a must. Instead of trying to figure out who’s at fault after an unfortunate accident or injury, you can simply get the care you need without worrying about how you will afford it if the villa owner is absolved and his or her liability coverage does not kick in.


But travel health insurance provides even more benefit than that for your international trip. Let’s say you want to explore the more remote areas surrounding your villa. With health insurance specifically for your trip, you can get remote emergency transportation in the event you are injured while exploring. That can include helicopter transportation—which is quite pricey. Your policy can even be designed to include medical repatriation in the event that local medical facilities do not have the skills or materials necessary to provide proper treatment.


Don’t Forget the Trip Insurance 


Travel health isn’t the only kind of protection international travellers renting a villa should consider. Trip insurance can fill the gaps that are left since it focuses on protecting that underlying investment you’ve made in certain aspects of your trip. For instance, let’s say that your bags are stolen at the airport. With trip insurance, you may be able to get reimbursed for the value of the items inside, up to the limits of your policy.


Another way that trip insurance is especially helpful to travelers renting a villa is that it can help you get reimbursed for any deposits you’ve made should the villa you rent become unusable before or during your trip. Imagine the difficulties you’d face if you arrived at your destination only to find that a fire, mold infestation, vandalism or other event has made the building uninhabitable. With trip insurance, you can easily rent another villa—or go to a hotel—and be reimbursed what you are out for the rental (up to limits and subject to your deductible). Of course, disaster doesn’t have to strike before you arrive—it could occur midway though your trip. And if it does and you’re forced to leave early, your insurance policy will cover your losses within your limits and deductibles. It may also cover losses for natural disasters that force you to cancel or shorten your trip as well as political incidents and the bankruptcy of a travel provider you paid in advance.


Insurance isn’t generally something you think about as a make-or-break factor in the success of your vacation abroad, but it very often is. It can ensure that the recollections you have of your trip do not revolve around the money you lost on cancellations, disasters, or injuries, but on the memories you made with your friends and family as you explored the world.


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